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13th Annual Lundberg Institute Lecture: It’s Not Just the Genome: AI Can Transform Primary Care

Commonwealth Club of California 110 Embarcadero, San Francisco

Join us for the 13th annual Lundberg Institute Lecture to discuss the advances Artificial Intelligence is making in health care with Bob Matthews of MediSync. AI’s advances into various healthcare fields have recently burst into public consciousness — generating excitement, concern, and confusion among lay and professional observers. AI has already been relied upon in […]

How to Decide Which Medical and Health Information You Should Trust

Commonwealth Club of California 110 Embarcadero, San Francisco

Fake news? Alternative facts? Overly hyped "breakthroughs"? Irreproducible scientific research results? Preprints? Gaslighting the medical literature? What to do?

Finding and trusting the best published primary medical literature is the answer. Our speakers for the 12th Annual Lundberg Institute Lecture at The Commonwealth Club, JAMA Editor in Chief Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo and BMJ Editor in Chief Kamran Abbasi, are among the premier guardians of that literature. Hear their advice, and then ask them your own questions about whom and what to trust—especially now when deciding which medical information is trustworthy has become so crucial and so confusing.