Ninth Annual Lundberg Institute Lecture

Achieving Quality of Health Care—Looking Back, Moving Forward

The annual Lundberg Institute Lecture welcomes Kenneth W Kizer, MD, MPH, Chief Healthcare Transformation Officer and Senior Executive Vice President at Atlas Research, Inc., based in Washington, DC as the 9th annual Lundberg Lecturer. This year, the Lecture will be on October 9, 2019.


In this 9th Annual Lundberg Institute Lecture, Dr. Kizer will provide an overview of the state of healthcare quality in the United States after taking a historical look at healthcare quality improvement strategies over the past 4,000 years. He will especially focus on the forces and strategies driving healthcare quality improvement in the past 20 years following several landmark events in the late 1990s. Despite these efforts, receiving high quality health care remains illusory for many Americans. As the co-chair of the National Quality Task Force, he will then discuss the likely strategies to normalize high quality healthcare over the next 10 years.


Dr Kizer is a graduate of both Stanford and UCLA. He is board certified in 6 medical specialties and subspecialties, author of >500 articles, books, and chapters. Best known for having systematically transformed the Veterans Healthcare System in the 1990s when serving as the Undersecretary for Health, Dr Kizer’s career achievements in patient safety, quality of care, and population health are staggering in creativity, scope, and impact.  Fields as disparate as emergency medical services, tobacco control, HIV/AIDS,  and managed care have been shaped by his pioneering efforts in California and the nation. For much of his professional life, his home base has been Sacramento and his academic home, U C Davis.


George D Lundberg MS, MD, ScD (hon)
President and Chair of the Board of Directors, The Lundberg Institute;
Editor in Chief, Cancer Commons; Editor at Large, Medscape; Editor in Chief, Curious Dr. George blog; former Editor in Chief, JAMA (1982-1999)